Every time you refer a friend or family member to our club and they join*, you get rewarded. Both you and your friend will received $25 in Total Woman Rewards to be used for Personal Training and Spa services.

Use your Total Woman Rewards towards spa services or Personal Training. Rewards can be stacked up too!


  • Not only will you benefit with Total Woman Rewards, but you'll enjoy other benefits of having friends join you at Total Woman.
  • You'll stick to your workout regimen.
  • It won't be as easy to skip out on a workout session if you have someone counting on you to join them.
  • Motivation - A workout buddy will likely challenge you and encourage you to keep going, something you won't get from a solo workout  session.
  • Friend time – We all lead busy lives, whether it’s work, school, our family, or other activities; it’s not always easy to find time to hang out with your friends. Having them join you in your club will allow you to catch up and spend some quality time, and also get in an awesome workout.Group Training - Getting a group of friends to join in a Group Training Session means you get all the benefits of Personal Training at a discounted price!


  1. Pick up 3-day guest passes** at the Front Desk of any Total Woman and share with your friends and family. They can redeem at any time.
  2. Bring in a friend when you work out and the front desk can activate a 3-day guest pass**.
  3. Share our 3-day guest pass** to your friends on social media. (Share links on Right)

* New Members only. ** 3-Day Guest Passes are valid for new guests only.